Project Management

Our independent and collaborative consultant advisory takes a leadership role for all aspects of the project by exploring, revealing, facilitating and creating the best outcomes for our clients. We act in conjunction with our clients’ management group to ensure that the vision and values are implemented and reflected throughout the project.

Our professional services role includes:
  • End to end project management
  • Strategic planning and change management
  • Conducting building audits, site research and due diligence reporting
  • Management of the project design processes
  • Selection and management of the services consultant team
  • Detailed programming of all project elements
  • Budgeting and design cost management
  • Tender analysis, recommendations and client approval of all costs prior to commencing construction
  • Procurement of project approvals including building owners, building permits and statutory approvals
  • Financial management on behalf of our client
  • Providing a central point of project coordination and responsibility
  • Ensuring our client’s vision and values are reflected in the project’s final outcome
  • Asset handover
  • Post occupancy management and warranties administration

Utilising our project management skills enables us to expedite projects in the shortest possible time whilst maintaining the highest level of quality control and cost effectiveness.