Educational Facilities

Spectrum Australia Group is focused in delivering innovative education projects. We are unique in our approach and are continuously designing environments that enable people to thrive.

Our experience covers many areas of education including children’s and adult educational services sectors. Spectrum has created spaces to allow for contemporary teaching and learning.

At Spectrum Australia we pride ourselves on being bold and forward thinking. We create educational facilities to match and exceed our client’s visions. The learning environment encourages students as innovative and creative learners and the teachers as creative and innovative educators.

We are passionate about the utilisation of cutting edge and cutting technologies to effectively collaborate with clients and stakeholders. Our projects tend not to follow trends but evolve through client objectives and user experience.

Children’s ELC design is often driven by the pedagogical strategy that an education environment is fundamental to children’s development incorporating indoor/outdoor connections, rhythm and movement, warmth, accessible scale and flexibility. What seems like fun is actually a development and learning experience.

Adult education facilities focus on creating connections to generate cross disciplinary learning. Creating uplifting environments for the collaboration required for deeper learning. The academic facilities provide students with large and small collaborative learning spaces. It is not a one size approach, it is giving staff and student’s options to choose the type of space they would like to study in.

Overseeing the projects from the initial planning and strategy stages through to completion ensures we deliver commercially viable solutions and a competitive experience for all stakeholders.