IDP Lawyers are an independent law firm located in Melbourne providing legal advice and expertise in managing the defence of accident compensation disputes, primarily for WorkSafe Victoria, and medical law disputes on behalf of a medical indemnity insurer. Spectrum Australia in designing the new offices implemented the IDP Lawyer collegiate environment based on “the traditional notion of team, built on the objective of collective trust. We do great work individually, but even better work together. We encourage friendship and a sense of fun, and for our people to look out for each other”.

The design response included a large collaborative and interactive staff hub positioned between the reception and the work spaces to create and foster incidental interaction for all personnel during the business day. Informal meetings are held with plant walls as a refreshing backdrop away from the offices. The new legal practice offices for IDP Lawyers also reflects the group’s desire to be seen as progressive and professional. Clean lines and carefully selected finishes created a timeless and inviting feel throughout the public spaces and work areas.

IDP Lawyers