Activity based working (ABW) is a workplace strategy that provides people with a choice of settings for a variety of workplace activities.

Activity based working (ABW)

The latest innovation in workplace design for organisations takes their office spaces to the next step, rather than the typical open plan office surroundings.

The workplace is not and should not be a static fixed environment. Instead, it can be used as a business tool that contributes to staff being more productive, more engaged and leading to greater overall success of individuals and teams. The key to a successful workplace design is adaptability. The workplace environment is constantly evolving and technological advances are increasing.

Workplace design is adapting to the changing ways individuals perceive and perform their tasks. Organisations are offering quiet rooms or library style spaces, where employees can enjoy downtime and breaks and sound proof pods where staff can recharge ahead of their next task. Open workspaces help to create a broader sense of community, communication and interaction, and are a great way to promote innovation.

Through design and innovation Spectrum Australia Group is changing the basis of how the population work now and how they will work in the future.

  • Increased productivity raises awareness of how to work optimally
  • Promotes natural interaction as collaboration is facilitated
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased space efficiency